This pack contains 3 products within the Dermatonics Natural Care Range.
• Dermatonics Natural Care Heel Balm 60ml

• Dermatonics Natural Care Hand Balm 60ml
• Dermatonics Natural Care Dry Skin Cream 200ml


This amazing Heel Balm contains New Zealand Manuka Honey which hydrates and draws moisture into your skin, making it ideal for people with very dry feet and Dermatonics have many testimonials from delighted customers who have tried numerous other products without success, only to discover that Dermatonics Heel Balm really does work.

It absorbs quickly, with a pleasant scent that appeals to both men and women, giving visible results in just 1 day for most people. This products is suitable for people with diabetes, and is also vegetarian-friendly.


This really popular Hand Balm with Shea Butter is Paraben-free and provides an effective treatment for rough and dry hands, especially those which are prone to cracking. It contains 10% urea, a natural moisturiser, and is clinically proven to improve skin hydration – which in turn reduces cracking. It also includes papaya juice, which contains restorative antioxidants and nutrients, as well as olive oil and is a must for any Gardener


And lastly the Dry Skin Cream with 10% urea and nourishing ingredients olive  and papaya hydrates and protects the skin. Not only is this cream Vegan-friendly , it also boasts of a lovely fresh scent that is enjoyable for both men and women alike – making it the perfect, all-round product for soothing dry skin. Size is 200ml.


We have a great range of Dermatonics products to suit many different skin conditions – from vegan-friendly,, Diabetic Friendly, to this highly effective ‘once a day’ Hand Balm and all made in the UK


Hands, Feet and Body Trio Package

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