All nails are not alike”, so as with skin and hair, they too need a tailored solution. Used frequently, the correct base coat will help nails grow long, strong and beautiful, presenting the perfect paint at its best.



Base Coat for Normal Nails. Rich with natural botanicals and antioxidants, this revolutionary vitamin therapy contains vitamins A, C and E to maintain health, strength and flexibility, while calcium and aloe vera protect against nail breakage.



Base Coat for Dry Nails. Increase the nail’s moisture levels with the combination of protein KSW and water. Jojoba, aloe vera and vitamin E are absorbed into the nail plate to heal, condition and strengthen, while restoring natural flexibility Dry nails need a well deserved drink. Rejuvenation offers a moisturising cocktail of strengtheners and conditioners to promote health and flexibility.



Base Coat for Brittle Nails. A breakthrough for brittle, breaking nails. Improve resilience and flexibility with this moisture-restoring combination of protein KSW, calcium and water, which allows the nail to retain moisture. When nails lose moisture, they become brittle and snap easily. Recovery’s hydrating formula allows the nail to retain moisture to improve flexibility.



Base Coat for Post-Acrylic or Damaged Nails. Rebuild nails from foundation to surface with this regenerative formula. Contains healing echinacea to reinforce the nail and aid the recovery process. Bring post-acrylic or damaged nails back to life with this with this regenerative formula



Stops Nails from Peeling. This saviour for peeling nails contains rubberised resins which fuses the delicate layers of the nail back together, while vitamin A strengthens and conditions for growth. 



Intensive Care for Soft Nails. This award winning product sets a new standard for boosting growth while simultaneously strengthening severely weakened nails. Critical Care uses Jessica’s exclusive protein KSW formula, fortified with calcium and intensive strengtheners, to penetrate the nail and increase keratinisation, creating a protective barrier to allow for maximum growth. Intensive care for soft nails. The perfect product for brides-to-be, as you’ll have longer, stronger nails in just 6 weeks.

Jessica Treatment Base Coat 14.7ml